4 different stands built with excellence and on time

Have you seen the faces of hopeless and disappointed exhibitors who just arrived at their booth with a clear vision of their stand being finished and ready to be handed over to them? Instead of that they appear in front of their half-finished stand and can see lots of work yet to be done.

Time and staff management is a core skill in a booth-building business. It is of special importance if you set up more stands at once at one exhibition. All stands must be prepared perfectly and on time.

Ruzicka Promotion proved that skill at the Electronica fair 2022 in Munich. The stands to be built were not the easiest and simplest ones but Ruzicka team managed to prepare them without delays and on the agreed time.

If you want to sleep calmly and avoid being in situations full of disappointment just shortly before the start of your exhibition, contact Ruzicka Promotion as your booth builder. You will never feel hopeless.