Terms & Conditions

1. The Offer
The elaboration of the offer and the first 3D design is made as per the sent source materials of the Order Party. For accurate elaboration of the offer we need the layout plan of the hall, including the legend, the ground plan, and the basic idea of the layout of the stand area. We offer the first and up to the third 3D graphic design free of charge. We charge the fee of 60.00 € for another 3D design or modification of the existing one. If the order is confirmed and the contract for work signed, any further modifications of the 3D graphic design will be free. The 3D graphic design is the property of the company Ruzicka Promotion LTD. Images used in designs are not typographical data and serve only for illustration!


2. Concluding the Contract
After approving the final 3D design and the price budget, the contract for work is concluded with the Order Party. The contract is concluded in two copies and is sent by mail or e-mail for signature. In the contract there are clearly stipulated rights and duties of both contracting parties, set the payment terms, the date of exhibition and the date and time of handover of the stand.
Based on the confirmation and approval of the final price for the stand by the Order Party, the contract is signed and the invoice for the first payment in the amount of 20% of the total stand price is issued. The first payment is due no later than two weeks before the deadline for ordering services and approving the exhibition with the exhibition organizer, but 60 days before the start of the exhibition at the latest. The invoice for the second payment in the amount of 60% of the total price will be issued with a maturity no later than 30 days before the start of stand construction. During Easter, Christmas and summer holidays, the maturity will be extended individually. Any changes made after the conclusion of the contract are specified in an amendment to the contract or in a written order.

The contractor is entitled to charge an increase in price for late ordering of the exhibition, changes, modifications and ordering of additional work.

Price increase in case of additional changes to the finished stand:
3 weeks prior the trade fair commencement +5%
2 weeks prior the trade fair commencement +15%
1 week prior the trade fair commencement +25% to the budget price

Reasons for the price increase – more expensive accommodation at a greater distance from the exhibition grounds, extra charges for ordering exhibition elements or laminate needed to build a stand in a shorter period of time. Delivery times for certain shades of laminate can be up to 3 weeks. In case of delayed ordering of the exhibition, the material may no longer be available. Material means laminate, tarpaulins, banners, prints, carpets and the like.


3. Preparation of the Implementation
The Order Party is obliged to hand over to the Contractor all source materials from the exhibition organizer (the layout plan of the hall, the hall legend, the ground plan of the stand, copies of orders – electrical installation, water lines etc., assembly and disassembly cards, contacts to organizers or a letter of attorney for ordering suspension points etc.). Furthermore, the Order Party is obliged to deliver the pictures and logos in typographical quality to the Contractor by the agreed date. The delivered data and their possibilities of use will be checked by the Contractor (size and resolution of the inserted data).
The contractor does not interfere with or modify the typographical data in any way! As a suitable quality of the typographical data we recommend images in 120 DPI in 1:1 resolution, merging all layers into one and saving print data to a PDF file. The picture colour range must be in a CMYK profile (format -.pdf, .cdr). The contractor does not assume any responsibility for the result of printing in sharpness, typesetting and colours. If the customer sends a colour sample, the contractor will try to match the colour as much as possible. However, 100% colour matching is not guaranteed due to printing on different materials.
Matt foils of the ORACAL brand type 641 are used for gluing the coloured surfaces of the stand, therefore it is necessary to adapt the colour to these foils.

The same conditions apply to atypical stands assembled from EGGER or Kronospan laminate boards. You can visit the web pages mentioned at the bottom of the document as to get a preview of the colour samplers of the above mentioned producers. During the stand implementation we already need to know the customer´s exhibit layout for possible distribution networks of electricity, water, air, the Internet etc.


4. Implementation and Handover of the Stand
The exhibition stand is built during the assembly times given by the organizer of the fair and ready to be handed over within the agreed time which is stated in the concluded contract. If the customer does not keep to the agreed time, he is obliged to notify the Contractor of the fact by phone. During the handover of the stand the staff of the Order Party is acquainted with the stand equipment and explained and trained on the exhibition exposition. The handover of the stand takes place on the basis of a handover protocol containing all the equipment of the stand according to the agreed design and budget. After handing over the stand, the Order Party is responsible for the entire exhibition, including its equipment until it is returned to the Contractor. The customer is obliged to return all rented equipment back to the Contractor undamaged.
It is recommended to insure the exhibition for the duration of the exhibition or to order Security services.
The Contractor does not take any responsibility for the customer’s exhibits, advertising materials, electrical appliances, kitchen equipment or other material during transport, assembly, disassembly, theft or other damage.


5. Course of the Exhibition and Return of the Stand
If a defect in the exhibition exposition occurs during the fair, the Contractor will solve it as soon as possible by repair or replacement which is carried out by a seconded technician or an ordered company at the Contractor’s expense. After the end of the exhibition, the Contractor takes back the exhibition exposition, including all equipment based on the handover protocol. Leaving the stand before the end of the exhibition period or before the arrival of the Contractor’s technicians to dismantle the stand is possible only by prior arrangement. Individual furniture, such as a brochure stand, chairs, exhibits, etc., must be put away to the utility room (if it is possible) to prevent theft.


 6. Final Settlement
Unless otherwise specified, the final invoice is issued by the Contractor and sent by email to the Customer one week before the start of the stand construction. The final invoice includes a statement of already paid installments and is supplemented by charges for any additional changes to the stand, services or equipment not included in the budget price. The invoice can be paid by bank transfer or in cash during the handover of the stand. In case of bank transfer the money must be credited to Contractor´s account on the date of the handover at the latest.


7. General Provisions
Any complaint about the exhibition exposition or its part made by the customer must be sent in writing to the Contractor’s address, including the photo documentation, within 7 calendar days from the end of the exhibition. The Contractor is only responsible for the defects related to the subject of the contract.


8. Cancellation Policy

Cancellation means withdrawal from the contract in case of cancellation of participation in the fair based on the will of the customer or cancellation of the fair by the organizer. In both cases the Order Party is obliged to notify the Contractor of this cancellation in writing immediately as soon as he is aware of this fact. According to the concluded contract, the Contractor is entitled to provable costs that have already been incurred on the date of withdrawal from the contract.

If the invoice for the first payment has been issued or already paid on the date of withdrawal from the contract, this payment is a cancellation fee which is non-refundable and covers all administrative and graphic preparation work.
If the invoice for the first payment has not been paid, the customer is obliged to pay it.

If the second payment is paid on the date of withdrawal from the contract, which is usually made 30 working days before the start of production work, unless otherwise specified, the cancellation fee is calculated on the basis of completed production work and real costs actually incurred.

If the contract is withdrawn at a time when the assembly or exhibition has already begun at the designated trade fair, the cancellation fee is equal to 100% of the price. In this case, an invoice for the third payment for the exhibition is issued. This invoice covers the rest of the price for the stand which was agreed by both parties in the concluded contract.

If the date of the exhibition is postponed by the organizer and this fact occurs at a time when the exhibition is fully or partially manufactured, the following agreement is reached between the Contractor and the Order Party:

termination of the contract (e.g. in case of non-acceptance of the new date of the exhibition by the customer)
billing for services rendered and for completed production work performed by the cancellation date
offer to transport manufactured components of the stand to the customer (transport and packaging costs are paid by the customer)

b) continuing under the current contract and conclusion of the amendment to the contract in which there are specified:
–  conditions and fees for storage of the exhibition at the Contractor until the new date of assembly (price for storage ranges from 20-100 €/month according to the volume of the produced exhibition)
–  possibility to transport the manufactured components of the stand to the customer
–  new date of exhibition or assembly
–  possible changes that might be made in already completed stand
–  service ordering


9. Price list of additional services
Assistance and ordering of suspension points from the ceiling: 169 Eur for an exhibition
Sending the design for construction approval from organisers: 129 Eur for an exhibition
Watter and electricity ordering: 89 Eur/for one item


10. Company data processing
Our company establishes contractual relations only with entrepreneurs. We process the provided data only when establishing a contractual relation, we do not pass it on to a third party and we store it for the period specified in the applicable law.


11. Useful links

Colour foil sampler ORACAL type 641

Laminated board sampler by EGGER

Laminated board sampler by Kronospan



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