Demo Unit

An alternative way of displaying lights and switches

The idea of a Demo Unit serving as a way how to display lights and switches within an exhibition stand during the trade fair Light and Building came from the Dutch-Vietnamese company Freelux, specifically from its owner and the technical director Andries Pasma. 

Ruzicka Promotion, a designer and constructor of exposition stands, was addressed by Freelux to design such a Demo Unit for the Light and Building 2020 spring edition. At that time, neither of the partners could predict that the whole world is in for difficult times.

Nobody could forecast 2-years break and a big stop in the exhibition industry caused by the worldwide pandemic. 

Everything ends someday so do the lockdowns, restrictions, and cancellations of fair trades and exhibitions. 

It is the beginning of autumn, 1st October 2022, and the team of Ruzicka Promotion is successfully handing over the exhibition stand to Andries Pasma, the representative of the Freelux company, one day before the start of the Light and Building 2022. After 2,5 years of the show´s repetitive cancellations, the fair can finally go on. 

We are looking forward to the spring edition of the Light and Building 2024, Frankfurt, Germany. 

Text: Lucie Strnadova